Illinois AG Opposes Arrest Warrants For Debtors

One of the tactics that debt collectors use is to keep sending
discovery requests and setting hearings until the debtor fails to jump
through a hoop properly, and then ask the court to sanction the debtor
by a day in jail. This tactic is being opposed by the Illinois AG.
(Note: The reference to courts issuing warrants for debtors who fail
to make a court ordered payment by a specific date is a little
different. In that situation, the court has usually heard evidence
and made a finding that the debtor has specific funds or generally has
the ability to make a specific payment, and ordered the debtor to pay
a certain amount by a certain date. When the debtor fails to make
that payment, it is usually the case that the debtor really is just
openly flouting the court’s order.)

Illinois AG Opposes Arrest Warrants for Debtors