Business Law

We are especially well suited to serve small and medium sized companies searching for an Austin business lawyer for the following reasons:

  • We offer top notch, big firm corporate law experience at a small firm price.
  • We serve as outsourced general counsel for client companies that are not yet large enough to have a full time General Counsel, or who are transitioning between personnel in that role.
  • We are sensitive to maintaining client satisfaction and dedicated to being responsive.
  • We don’t “overlawyer” deals and cause negotiations to stall due to academic pontificating.
  • We have extensive experience working in startups and smaller companies, and we know how to deal with the common legal issues that arise. Our experience with larger companies also imparts a deeper understanding of the context of your issues.
  • We will not waste your time with unnecessary technical legal analysis that is not practical or relevant. We focus on giving you the information you need to make calculated business decisions and minimize risk.

Services We Provide to Businesses:

We take you from startup to IPO

  • Business Formation

    – Choosing the ownership structure and entity (corporation vs. LLC vs. LP, etc.) for your business venture.

  • Corporate Governance

    – The formalities of maintaining the corporate records, taking minutes, holding annual meetings, sitting in on board meetings to answer legal questions and spot legal issues. We will educate you regarding your required obligations and assist you with compliance.

  • Contracts / Transactions

    – Contracts for the sale of goods and services, loan and security agreements, leases, licensing, distribution and services agreements, agency, commission and employment agreements. We know the complex issues and pitfalls that have been faced by parties with poorly drafted and incomplete contracts, and we ensure that clients address these matters during the contract negotiation process.

  • HR Issues

    – With employees comes a host of contracts, benefits questions, potential disputes, and legal compliance issues.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    – We can help acquirers, target companies, shareholders and management in negotiated company mergers and acquisition transactions.

  • Financings

    – We help structure, negotiate and document financing relationships with banks, friends and family, seed investors, angel investors, venture capital investors and/or strategic partners. We are familiar with the standard documents for these types of transactions, including loan agreements, security agreements, shareholders agreements, stock purchase agreements, etc.

  • Transactional Intellectual Property

    – Licensing agreements covering intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, service marks, software or other technology. We work to ensure that our licensor clients retain adequate quality controls and legal rights to protect themselves from loss of value or intellectual property rights. For licensees, we demand that the licensing agreement assures them of getting the rights they need based on their business goals and that they are not subjecting themselves to infringement liability by using the intellectual property of others.

  • Managing Specialist Attorneys

    – We add tremendous value in managing expensive, specialist lawyers that you’ve hired to handle a particular matter such as a tax audit, asset-backed securitization, or an environmental or patent dispute. We help by handling the routine matters at our lower billing rates, making sure the other lawyers’ invoices are reasonable, and ensuring that the work is done satisfactorily. We can usually save you enough money on the specialists’ fees to more than compensate for our own fees.

  • Securities Law

    -We have a strong background in securities law. Mr. Fulwiler’s first years of legal practice were in securities at a large New York law firm. Our firm does not have sufficient staff to handle the entire process of taking a company public or shepherding an acquirer or target company through a hostile take over or proxy battle. However, we are able to advise our client companies as they grow, and alert them when they are reaching a scale that would necessitate hiring of securities counsel, and help them select that counsel. Also, we are able to coach clients regarding basic securities matters so that they may avoid inadvertently falling into one of the many traps that can arise under the securities laws such as the 1933 Act, 1934 Act, 1940 Act, etc.

If you’re in the market for an Austin business lawyer, we hope you choose us.