Don’t Be Disrespectful In Court Or You Will Go To Jail For Contempt

T.G.I. Friday’s Server Gets 6 Days in Jail for Courtroom ‘Gesture’ [Video]

I see a lot of examples of this. A lot of people apparently don’t realize that Judges can and do throw people in jail immediately for being disrespectful in the courtroom.

Those little angels at Chase are having more fun with their banking customers

Jailed for cashing Chase check at Chase bank


An ethical attorney will sometimes turn away your business

Great article with good stories about turning away a client’s business for the client’s own good:
Small Firms, Big Lawyers: The Customer Is Always Right. Not.

An unethical lawyer will whip you into a frenzy over your case and turn it into a huge fight. Why not? The longer it goes on, the more money he makes. An ethical lawyer will try to keep you calm, and give you a realistic assessment of your chances of winning. Also, an ethical lawyer will always encourage you to mediate and attempt to reach a settlement because going to trial is very expensive and very unpredictable.

Protect Your Rights – Texas Courthouses May Soon Be Closed To You

Protect Your Rights: Texas Courthouses May Soon Be Closed to You (Part 1)


Worth viewing – good overview of the litigation process