Buffett’s Vanguard investment is still beating the Hedge Fund

This is the same story as A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel and Unconventional Success by David Swensen and a dozen other similar books.

How to retire early

Live below your means. Save aggressively. Invest at Vanguard.

Good articles on personal finance and investing from Jane Bryant Quinn of the AARP

She tackles some meaty topics in a clear, commonsense manner.

Three odd Wills

1. George Bernard Shaw gave instructions in his will that for the first 21 years after his death, the earnings from the royalties of all his works should be spent on the creation and promotion of a phonetic alphabet, using 40 or more letters, each of which represented one sound, and one sound only, of the English language. This was the inspiration for the Shaw Alphabet.


Here is the alphabet that resulted:


2. In 1955, Juan Potomachi promised two hundred thousand pesos to the Teatro Dramático in Buenos Aires, on the condition that his skull be used as Yorick in any future productions of “Hamlet.” Mr. Potomachi’s wish was granted.


3. Animal rights activist from PETA asks that her body be barbequed.


Consider Dividend Paying Stocks as Retirement Income Option

This article makes the case that dividend paying stocks may be less risky and higher yielding than bonds right now, because interest rates are so low.

Statute of Limitations on Trademark Infringement

The Lanham Act (the federal law under which trademark infringement cases are frequently filed) has no statute of limitations. So, some courts determine the primary state in which the alleged infringement occurs and apply that state’s infringement law’s statute of limitations. Other courts use the equitable doctrine of laches.

Good summary and discussion here.

Which assets should I place inside my IRA or 401k?

"… stash high-income-producing securities, such as high-yield bonds and dividend-paying stocks (especially those that produce nonqualified dividends, such as REITs) within the IRA wrapper, while saving more tax-efficient assets, such as broad market equity index funds, in your taxable account."

Also, you can withdraw contributions from a Roth IRA without penalty, but not earnings. And if you rolled over a traditional IRA into a Roth IRA, you have to wait 5 years before you can withdraw the contributed amount without penalty.

This excellent article from Morningstar lists these and six other common IRA mistakes.

Only one IRA rollover per year per married couple

A recent court ruling changed the previous rule on this.

But, you can still do as many "trustee to trustee" transfers as you like. In a "trustee to trustee" transfer, the money goes from one financial institution to the other without you receiving it.

90% of what you need to know about investing is in this article

So much gets written about investing, but most if it is blather. This is the short version of the truth about investing. This approach gets stated and written about, but not as often as it should, mainly because it is so boring and so simple. People perceive the markets as complex (which they are), and thus feel their approach must be complex (which it shouldn’t).

Retirement plan beneficiary designations can upend your Will

Be sure to coordinate your beneficiary designations with your estate plan.