Seven Reasons Why You Should Choose Fulwiler Law:

  1. Our firm has top level experience and qualifications at a small firm price.
  2. We enjoy helping people. We intentionally focus on serving individuals and small and medium sized businesses because we love getting to know our clients.
  3. We strive to provide excellent customer service. Many law firms are notorious for failing to return phone calls and emails. We aim to return phone calls and emails within 48 hours or less.
  4. Because we care about being accessible to normal people and small businesses, we keep our fees lower than average. It is not unusual for large firms, like Mr. Fulwiler’s former employers, to charge double or triple our hourly rates.
  5. We strive to be efficient by streamlining common processes and forms, avoiding redundancy, and making full use of information technology. Mr. Fulwiler’s background in business management and technology is helpful in this regard.
  6. We handle a broad range of services, including many of the most common legal needs, and if we don’t handle your particular need we will be happy to provide you with information regarding attorneys in the appropriate field.
  7. We strive to build an ongoing professional relationship with each client. We want to be the “go to” lawyer for your family and business.

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